E by gum – advice for Leeds landlords from Stephen

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You know when you're buying white goods, like fridges, freezers, washing machines, and even televisions, they all have that vertical sticky label running for the first part of the alphabet? A, A+, A+++ being the most efficient and H being the least? You may or may not be aware that all privately rented homes now

Why flipping is not just for pancakes

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Flipping, unusual verb, don't you agree? Do you see it as a mildly old-fashioned term of exasperation? A loss of temper "I flipped"? Or a term you use once a year on Shrove Tuesday? Well at Hogan's we have a new meaning for it. Flipping in property terms means buying a property to sell it.

The word of the year: “youthquake”

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We must admit to a bit of a surprise in our Hogan's office when the Oxford English Dictionary declared "youthquake" as word of the year in December 2017. It's an odd choice, don't you think? It was spawned, apparently, as Theresa May's snap General Election saw a swing to the left from the youth vote,

Which city has the youngest and fast growing population, after London?

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At Hogan's, Hogan's Online Plus and Hogan's Fast Sale, you're probably well aware that we cover the whole of West Yorkshire from our two bases. That is a mammoth area, which Adam Parkin and the team stoically cover. We've recently sold properties not just in Leeds, which is our dominant sales and lettings area, but

No questions asked, why we help buyers

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We don't just help sellers, we help buyers too. The lifeblood of any estate agent is getting listings and seeing those listings through to exchange of contract and completion - if we didn't we'd quickly develop a poor reputation as leading Leeds estate agents and have no commission. It's why independent estate agencies like Hogan's

Slow movers – why property doesn’t always sell.

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We have a proud record at Hogan's - when we get a property for sale or to let, they go quickly. There's no easy way of explaining why it happens - but it does. We have a huge database of qualified buyers, a great reputation as Leeds letting and estate agencies and, we think and

5 reasons why your property isn’t selling

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You've taken the plunge, decided to get your home, your investment property on the market for sale as you want to move, release cash, upsize, downsize, relocate and you wait patiently for offers. If the asking price is right and the property is marketed well on portals, social media and email shots, you shouldn't be

Is Friday the best day to move in Leeds and beyond?

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Let’s start off with some statistics. Out of the choice of seven days in a week, 41% of house sellers and buyers pick Fridays. Fridays remain the most popular day to move, nationally, followed by Mondays, and at Hogan’s we can understand why as there’s many Pros, but also those inevitable Cons. Read on …

What can you do if your property won’t sell?

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There's no silver bullet in selling property people say, but there are certain factors that matter: Asking price Location Time on the market Estate agent Marketing At Hogan's we've looked at just the Leeds property market and there's over 3200 for sale in Leeds alone, with some properties being first listed 4 years ago! Quite

Decluttering your home, apparently it’s on trend.

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Decluttering your West Yorkshire home can add value. Yes it can. How? Let us explain. We’ve all been there – that stark, empty house when the removal company are carrying in furniture, beds and white goods for you to watch aghast at the disappearing space. Space really does appear to be the final frontier. Decluttering

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